Thursday, April 14, 2011

seedlings growing

Yesterday It was down to 40 degrees in the morning & when I walked in the Greenhouse and all my baby tomato plants leaves were folded together like little praying hands. We had not put down the back side of the greenhouse because we didn't think it was going to get that cold. I had never seen that before, and thought it was interesting, then in the afternoon when it got warm they opened their leaves. We have about 300 tomato plants started.

We are planting all Heirloom plants, Last year we planted about 4 different varieties of Tomatoes and came out with 2 that we really liked. Granny Cantrel and Romenesco. This year since I like the taste of Yellow tomatoes we adding a Yellow Brandywine to see if that is a good one or not. Yellow tomatoes are not one of Gary's favorites. I collected some purple Tommy toe tomatoes from a farmer an we are going to plant those too.

We are really going to try to grow all Organic this year too. To do this we are going to interplant with a lot of Herbs. I got a list from the extension office of which herbs help to deter different bugs. I have started these in the green house so we can plant them the same time we plant the Garden. But when the bugs start destroying the food , I don't know if I can keep Gary from spraying. He just hates it when food goes to waste. I talked so some friends yesterday and they suggested that we use an organic spray derived from Chrysanthemums. It kills the bugs and you can harvest the next day. We will try that and see if Gary will be happy with the results.